Nokia 6020 - Add and manage voice tags

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Add and manage voice tags

Save or copy the contacts to the phone memory for which you want to add a voice
tag. You can also add voice tags to the names in the SIM card, but if you replace
your SIM card with a new one, you must first delete the old voice tags before you
can add new ones.

1. Search for the contact to which you want to add a voice tag.

2. Select


, scroll to the desired phone number, and select




voice tag


3. Select


, and say clearly the words you want to record as a voice tag. After

recording, the phone plays the recorded tag.

appears behind the phone number with a voice tag in



To check the voice tags, select





Voice tags

. Scroll to the

contact with the voice tag that you want, and select an option to listen to, delete,
or change the recorded voice tag.