Nokia 6020 - Text messages (SMS)

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Text messages (SMS)

Using the short message service (SMS) you can send and receive multipart
messages made of several ordinary text messages (network service) that can
contain pictures.

Before you can send any text, picture, or e-mail message, you must save your
message center number. See

Message settings




To check SMS e-mail service availability and to subscribe to the service, contact
your service provider.

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Your device supports the sending of text messages beyond the character limit for a single
message. Longer messages will be sent as a series of two or more messages. Your service
provider may charge accordingly. Characters that use accents or other marks, and characters
from some language options like Chinese, take up more space limiting the number of
characters that can be sent in a single message.

At the top of the display, you can see the message length indicator that tracks the
number of characters available. For example, 10/2 means that you can still add 10
characters for the text to be sent as two messages.