Nokia 6020 - Predictive text input

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Predictive text input

Predictive text input is based on a built-in dictionary to which you can also add
new words.

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1. Start writing a word using the 2 to 9 keys. Press each key only once for a single

letter. The word changes after each keypress.

2. When you have finished writing the word and it is correct, to confirm it, press 0

to add a space, or move the joy stick. Move the joystick to the right or to the
left to move the cursor.

If the word is not correct, press * repeatedly, or select





When the word that you want appears, confirm it.

If ? is displayed after the word, the word you intended to write is not in the
dictionary. To add the word to the dictionary, select


. Enter the word

(traditional text input is used), and select



3. Start writing the next word.