Nokia 6020 - Making purchases

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Making purchases

To do your shopping, access the desired Web site that supports the wallet. The
service must support the Electronic Commerce Modeling Language specification.

Connect to a service




Choose the product you want to buy and read carefully all provided information
before your purchase.
The text may not fit within a single screen. Therefore, make sure to scroll through
and read all of the text before your purchase.

To pay for the items you wish to buy, the phone asks whether you want to use the
wallet. The phone also asks for your wallet PIN code.

Select the card you want to pay with from the

Payment cards

list. If the data form

you receive from the service provider supports the Electronic Commerce Modeling
Language specification, the phone automatically fills in the credit card
information or the wallet profile from the wallet.

Approve the purchase, and the information is forwarded.

You may receive an acknowledgement or a digital receipt of the purchase.

To close the wallet, select

Close wallet

. If you do not use the wallet for 5 minutes,

it closes automatically.

If you have tried to access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords
(for example your bank account), empty the cache of your phone after each use.

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To empty the cache, see

Cache memory