Nokia 6020 - Receive a PTT call

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Receive a PTT call

A short tone notifies you of an incoming group and one-to-one call. When
receiving a group call, the group name and the nickname of the caller are
displayed. When receiving a one-to-one call from a person whose information you
have saved in


, the saved name is displayed if identified; otherwise, only

the nickname of the caller is displayed.

You can either accept or reject an incoming one-to-one call if you have set the
phone to first notify you of the one-to-one calls.

If you press the PTT key to try to respond to a group while another member is
talking, you hear a queuing tone, and


is displayed as long as you press the

PTT key. Press and hold the PTT key, and wait for the other person to finish; then
you can talk.