Nokia 6020 - Make a dial-out PTT call

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Make a dial-out PTT call

For a dial-out PTT call you can select multiple PTT contacts from the contact list.
The recipients get an incoming call and need to accept the call in order to
participate. A dial-out call creates a temporary group, and the participants join
this group only for the duration of the call. After the call the temporary dial out
group is deleted.




Push to talk


Contacts list

, and mark the desired contacts for the

dial-out call.

The icon behind the contact in the list denotes current login status:


, or

indicate that the person is either available, unavailable, or unknown;

indicates that the login status is not available. The login status is only available for
subscribed contacts. To change the subscribed contacts, select


and from

the available contact list options,

Subscribe contact


Unsubscr. contact

, or if one

or more contacts are already marked

Subscribe marked


Unsubscr. marked


Press the PTT key briefly to start the dial-out call. The marked contacts are called
by the PTT service, and the joining contacts are shown on the display. Press and

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hold the PTT key to talk to the joined contacts. Release the PTT key to hear the

Press the end key to terminate the dial-out call.