Nokia 6020 - 13. Push to talk

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13. Push to talk

Push to talk (PTT) over cellular is a two-way radio service available
over a GSM/GPRS cellular network (network service). PTT provides direct voice
communication. To connect to the Push to talk service, press the PTT key.

You can use PTT to have a conversation with one person or with a group of people
having compatible devices. When your call is connected, the person or group you
are calling does not have to answer the phone. The participants should confirm
the reception of any communications where appropriate, as there is no other
confirmation whether the recipients have heard the call.

To check availability and costs, and to subscribe to the service, contact your
network operator or service provider. Roaming services may be more limited than
for normal calls.

Before you can use the PTT service, you must define the required PTT service
settings. See

PTT settings




While you are connected to the PTT service, you can use the other functions of the
phone. The PTT over cellular service is not connected to traditional voice
communication, and therefore many of the services available for traditional voice
calls (for example, voice mailbox) are not available for PTT over cellular